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With Jeff Spence, B.Ed, M.A. M.Sc

(About the Author)

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Course Overview

This course is designed with the Scrolls novice in mind. You won't need any background in the Dead Sea Scrolls or any biblical languages to understand and enjoy this material. That said, if you do have some background knowledge in this amazing discovery, you will still get a lot from the course.

The best way to complete these modules is to do so as a group. View the materials together or beforehand and then go through the questions together.

The initial questions will help you to recall important facts from the material. The next questions are designed to spark conversations within the group, to deepen and broaden understanding of the history and context of these important writings.

This allows me to build more courses, sooner, and provide engaging and high quality materials for you to learn more about the Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient roots to today's Christian culture and theology.




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What you will need:


If you are online right now, then you have all you need to do this course -

but there are some things that will enrich your experience. I suggest you

also have on hand:

  1. A Bible (Both Old and New Testaments). If you are in a group, try to get as many versions/translations as possible and each use a different one. Include both Catholic and Protestant versions if possible. This will help when comparing older translations to what we use today.

  2. A notebook. If you have purchased the workbook prior to starting this course (available here), then that's all you are likely to need. If your group is sharing a workbook, you'll benefit from something else to write on. This will allow you to note any questions you have as well.

  3. Access to the internet, and some kind of display. If you are working in a group setting, it is nice to show the video material on a single monitor, to ensure everyone is in the right place and working as a group. The course includes links to some interesting sites, too, that you might want to take a looka t as you go.

That should give you everything you need to get started. I hope you enjoy this course and that it fans your interest in these fascinating and important archeological and literary discoveries.

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Kind regards, and enjoy,

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